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Zamfara state bandits: 'Military war', Govnor peace deal – Latest happenings in Zamfara – BBC News

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Military war wey Nigerian sojas do to clear bandits don change di insecurity palava for Zamfara state.
E no longer be news say Nigerian military dey do massive operation for Zamfara state for over a week now.
Dis be due to di insecurity wey dey trouble di state for over 10 years.
Tori be say di military don achieve plenti successes and according to one resident of di north west Nigerian state.
Umar Saminu say for di first time in years e dey plan to visit Zamfara dis year after di good news wey reach im side.
"I no fit remember when last Zamfara state achieve one peaceful week without any bandits attack until dis time.
"Di happiness for my heart strong, my family dey dia and i go surely visit dis year after 5 years absence."
Na wetin Umar tell BBC News Pidgin.
Anoda Zamfara indigene wey travel enter Kano three days ago yan say pipo of di state fit finally sleep with dia two eyes closed.
Dis na because di military operation don kill and displace many of di bandits wey dey disturb dia lives.
"For my town wey be 'Tsafe' pipo dey sleep with two eyes closed now unlike before, dis operation kill many of di criminals wey dey trouble us before now."
Senator Saidu Dansadau wey represent di state for Nigerian senate for many years tell tori pipo on Monday say;
E dey very happy with di military operation and dat di state go dey enjoy lasting peace from now.
Zamfara State Govnor, Bello Matawalle appears for video wey circulate on Monday after e receive students of GSS Kaya Maradun wey gunmen release.
Matawalle inside di video reveal im happiness di students release and pray for lasting peace for di state.
Nigerian First Lady Aisha Buhari on Monday via her official instagram also yan about di progress wey dey happun for Zamfara.
Madam Buhari say na as a result of unselfishness and courage and she dey hope say military go also enter oda places wey need help.
On di oda hand, islamic cleric Sheik Ahmad Gumi wey some Nigerians dey call expert on banditry matters for Facebook post tok say;
As far as e dey concern dis military operation no be di best way.
"Instead of dis (military operation) why not create ministry of nomadic affairs wia goment go hear complains of dis pipo and address am."
"Di bandits leaders wey i interact with complain of extra judicial killing by goment dis na why many of dem no accept di amnesty wey goment bin do." Dis na wetin Gumi post on di mata.
Wia dis foto come from, Zamfara state goment
Zamfara State goment confam release of Jangebe school girls
Di two weeks total telecom shutdown for di state go end on 17th September 2021 and pipo of di state go dey hope say as dem go finally see network for dia mobile phone e go also signal end of dia security challenges.
As Nigeria dey enter a new world with Boko Haram around 2010 for northeaster part of di kontri, cattle rustling bin dey also take shape for northwestern part.
Habu Sani na social commentator wey sabi issues wey concern northern Nigeria wella and e tell BBC News Pidgin say Zamfara wahala start from cattle thieving.
"For decades criminal gangs wey dey attack villages steal cows dey exist but around 2010 na im di problem start come to light but because at dat time Nigeria dey try come to terms with Boko Haram nobody dey really look Zamfara and oda northwest problem."
"And na dat lack of attention for years make di issue become very big, di bandits grow more powerful and consequently dia attacks more dangerous."
Various reports show say thousands of pipo don die and thousands more displaced as a result of di security wahala over di years.
A vehicle carrying Boko Haram flag
States wey close to Zamfara like Sokoto, Kebbi and Katsina dey also on serious look out as various reports show say bandits under fire and bombardment from military dey run to those states to escape wetin dey happun.
Last week Sokoto state goment comot to say dem don increase security along dia borders after attack for one town wia gunmen kidnap 17 pipo.
Di goment say di attack na by bandits from Zamfara wey dey run from di military operation.
Oda states of Kebbi and Niger wey also bin get dia own security challenges dey also on increase look out so dat as Zamfara dey solve dia problem make e no come migrate come dia side.
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