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Zamfara attacks
Two dons have weighed in on growing insecurity in Nigeria with a view to finding lasting solutions.
This came up at a roundtable discussion organised by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Nigeria, in conjunction with the Political Science Department, University of Abuja.
Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administration, University of Abuja, Prof Abubakar Abba, who spoke on ‘Beyond the Amotekun Security Outfit: Enthroning Regional Government Through the State Legislature and Cooperation’, said Amotekun is a desperate tool created to address deep-seated political expediency and frustration.
“It is both a model for regional and tribal political adventure in security autonomy, as well as a mistake in citizens’ security system and the federal model of collective security. In between these two lies the fallacy of Amotekun; a Frankenstein monster that is not rooted in the national constitution,” he said.
Abubakar, who is a professor of political science, maintained that the absence of homogeneity and crises of integration persist in the regions.
He identified the nature of the Nigerian project, heterogeneity, character of Nigeria’s brand of democracy, inconsistency in the governance system, lack of trust among political elites, absence of permanent elite consensus on issues and overbearing nature of federal might as drawdowns on the political landscape that bring more confusion than solutions.
He said state Houses of Assembly that ought to make good laws and engender popular political participation are reeling under political elites that are not loyal party members and lack political ideology. He said most lawmakers are not grass rooted in their constituencies. Majority do not respect or understand the processes and workings of the legislature, while many are governors’ errand boys and girls.
He regretted that it has become a norm for politicians, elites and little minds that lost political relevance and access to the national cake at the centre to resort to tribal, ethnic and regional clamours for governance at the grassroots for self-serving purposes.
“Since these clamours exist also at the regional levels, especially within the state legislatures, how far and how deep can these agitations go? For now, regional government noises are just ranting of ants seeking pastures in a more volatile and competitive fragile project called Nigeria,” he added.
In his contributions, Prof. Solomon Ogbu of the Department of Political Science at the University of Abuja, said, with Amotekun lacking constitutional backing, it can only play complementary roles to the police and other security agencies.
He observed that persistent calls for restructuring the country, coupled with renewed agitation for actualisation of the state of Biafra, are all a pointers to the fact that the nation is sitting on a keg of monumental calamity and eventual disintegration.
Ogbu added: “Development can only take place in a congenial atmosphere that guarantees security of life and property, and is devoid of violent extremism. This underscores the urgent need for Nigeria to strengthen and reposition its security apparatuses to cope with the incessant security challenges by silencing the guns of the enemies of the state.”

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