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The 77 Percent — Who is to blame for Nigeria's rising insecurity? – Deutsche Welle

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In northern Nigeria, young people are at risk of violence amid an increase in kidnappings and clashes between government forces and Islamists groups. Education has been interrupted, and some youths are being recruited to fight. On this week’s 77Percent, hosted by Zaharadeen Umar in Kaduna, we discuss this topic. And in Kenya, a special police squad has been formed to deal with abduction cases.

Host: Zaharadeen Umar
Crises in Ethiopia and Sudan should serve as a warning for African nations to guard against threats to democracy and human rights, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said.
On his first visit to Africa, US top envoy Antony Blinken has addressed Ethiopia’s raging Tigray conflict, the terrorism threat in Africa and human rights concerns in Nigeria.
Global minimum tax is supposed to bring tax justice. But less than half of African countries are on board. Kenya and Nigeria have backed out amid uncertainty over how much it would benefit poor countries.
Heavily armed gangs have been stepping up raids on schools and villages in northwestern Nigeria, often taking hostages for ransom.
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