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Poultry farmers attribute skyrocketing price of egg to insecurity, forex – The Sun Nigeria – Daily Sun

By Lukman Olabiyi
Poultry Association of Nigeria (Pan), Ikorodu Zone, Lagos State, has lamented that the high cost of poultry feed and vaccination had lend credence to the increase in the price of chicken and egg produce in the country.
PAN, an association that control poultry farmers said the prices of feed and vaccination which are major determinant factor in fixing the prices of their output have gotten out of reach due to shortage of raw materials for feed production, insecurity and forex.
Chairman of PAN, Ikorodu Zone, Mr. Taofeek Sulaiman disclosed this while speaking with journalists at commemoration of 2021 World Egg Day.
According to him, maize which is the major ingredient in poultry feed was no longer available because farmer could no longer go to farm due to insecurity and the available one, is being scramble for by many interested party and manufacturing industry.
Adding that foreign exchange rate had also contributed immensely to the price of vaccine for poultry which is making it difficult for farmers to fix affordable price for egg and chicken.
He urged government to stop importation of maize and encourage it exportation, in order to to ameliorate the dearth of feed shortage
Sulaiman said that local poultry farmers are suffering from the shortage of maize , in spite of the fact that the local production could not meet the farmers’ demands.
“Government should encourage more production of maize and soya beans locally, because this is what constitutes most of the ingredients for chicken’s feed”, he said .
Sulaiman encouraged the consumption of egg daily because of its benefits, said egg is a complete protein food that contained six grams of protein per serving.
He said there is nothing like limitation for consumption of egg by any age group, noted that limitation on consumption of egg by all age groups was misconception.
“If you have a three – egg omelette, you are getting 18 grams of protein, which is almost half of your daily limit”.
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By Lukman Olabiyi Poultry Association of Nigeria (Pan), Ikorodu Zone, Lagos State, has lamented that the high…

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