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Police feign ignorance as herdsman stabs challenger to death in Enugu – Punch Newspapers

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Enugu CP, Lawal Abubakar
An uneasy calm had enveloped Emene, a suburb of Enugu metropolis following the alleged killing of an Igbo boy by a Fulani herdsman on Saturday.
According to an eyewitness, the trouble started when the Fulani herdsman accused the victim, whose name was given simply as Temple of trespassing where his cows were grazing at Obinagu/ Onuogba Nike Community estate by Ogbuagu Crescent Emene.
The eyewitness said the herdsman drew his dagger and stabbed the victim to death after he (the victim) questioned him whether the land he was grazing his cows belonged to him.
“When he (Fulani herdsman) noticed that his victim had died he took to his heels,” said the eyewitness.

The eyewitness, however, noted that some members of the local vigilante who were contacted by residents apprehended the assailant and handed him over to the police.

When the State Police Public Relations Officer, Daniel Ndukwe, was contacted on telephone, he said, “Please my brother I am busy, can you send me a text message on the incident.”
However, as of press time, he had yet to respond to The PUNCH inquiry.

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