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Nigeria @61: Sokoto, Bauchi govs felicitate with Nigeria – NIGERIAN TRIBUNE

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The governors of Bauchi State, Sen Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir and Sokoto State, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, have felicitated with Nigerians on the 61st Independence Day anniversary of the country.
Governor Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir in a goodwill message lamented that the long period of military involvement in the political spectrum of the country had seriously retarded the evolution of democracy and its inherent benefits.
The Governor said that “Like many other countries, Nigeria has in the process of its growth experienced a lot of turbulence in the last 61 years. We suffered serious setbacks in the political arena which seriously affected our political and economic growth.”
He said that “The 61st Independence anniversary should be used to reflect on the struggle and sacrifice of the founding fathers of this country. As we reflect on the virtues of our heroes, we should use this auspicious occasion to emulate them and ensure that their labour shall not be in vain”.
Bala Mohammed said that “Sixty-One years ago when the colonial masters were leaving, there was scepticism on our ability to govern ourselves. Today, we have shown to the world that we are not only able to govern ourselves, but are able to understand our differences, respect each other’s values and unite ourselves towards developing our country despite our diverse cultures.”
The governor added that “the dividends of democracy are manifest and the citizens are happy. We in Bauchi State have taken a multi-dimensional approach to all the developmental projects which resulted in success all round, particularly in infrastructural development.”
According to him, “In line with the mandate given to us by the people, we are making efforts to provide the necessary infrastructure needed for the development of the State. To this end, the government has been constructing Rural and Urban roads network across the State, amounting to billions of Naira.”
The governor further said that “Some of these roads are ongoing, while most of them have been completed and put to use. We have also executed several other projects in the areas of Education, Agriculture, Health, Housing and Water Supply.”
He added that “As you are aware, the North-East region of which Bauchi State is part has for the last one decade faced with an insurgency by Boko Haram. Other parts of the country are also facing their share of insecurity in the form of banditry, kidnapping and other violent crimes.”
The Governor however said that “As a responsible and responsive government, we have taken measures in collaboration with security agencies to protect the lives and property of our people by swiftly addressing any form of security challenges. I want to assure you that security would continue to be top of our priority so that the relative peace being enjoyed in the State is sustained.
“We are not unmindful of the present hardship being experienced as a result of the downturn in the nation’s economy. Let me assure you that we shall continue to take palliative measures with a view to cushioning the effect of the hardship on the people,” he further said.
According to the Governor, “To this end, we have introduced the Kaura Economic empowerment Programme which has already been launched in some Local governments. It will soon be launched in the remaining Local Governments.”
Bala Mohammed said that “I will, however, like to call on all of us to continue to make sacrifices to ensure that we put our country on the path of greatness. The present hardship being experienced is temporary. As soon as we put our acts together, we shall move out of it. We should however note that nobody will develop our State for us. We must do it ourselves.
“As we celebrate the 61st Anniversary of the Independence of Nigeria, my appeal to all of us is to re-dedicate ourselves to our country, be patriotic and above all continue to pray to Almighty Allah to shower His mercy and blessings on us so that we can continue to live in peace with one another and make our State and country great,” he concluded.
The governor of Sokoto State, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, cautioned Nigerians not to politicise or sectionalise the issue of insecurity in the country.
The governor reiterated that governments at all levels, it is making efforts to mitigate the senseless carnage, saying insecurity respect no tribe, religion or region whatsoever.
While reminiscing with nostalgia, on the potential and promise of the country at its birth and confidence about a better future, “a path on which we were placed by our founding fathers whose trust in our capacity to reach our to our envisioned destination was not far-fetched.
” We are, indeed, a people who individually and collectively possess all the attributes and qualities on a land so richly endowed as to confer on us the eligibility to proudly raise our heads among the comity of nations.
“Nigeria is, however, sadly being held back from reaching its true destiny by challenges that are mainly our own making. We are still grappling with difficulties in sustaining a truly democratic order. Our economy, even without the negative impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, is in crises that are substantially caused by deficits in policy and lack of adherence to the rule of law”
The governor further disclosed that “National security is in clear, present danger, as all parts of the country are ravaged by one form of insecurity or the other, a sad situation that has inflicted upon us, heavy losses in lives and socioeconomic sustenance. These numerous crises have turned our diversity from an endowment into a cause of division, as Nigeria experiences a period of disunity unprecedented in its history.
” The hopes and vision of our founding fathers are however alive and remain realizable, in spite of the challenges. The recipe for reaching our desired destiny is coming together, as the one people that we truly are, to shame our detractors, repel their onslaught on our collective will, stand and advance as a nation”.
Tambuwal however calls on all Nigerians to work together to extricate themselves from the murky waters of tribalism, sectionalism and other unpatriotic cleavages.
“It is, however, reassuring that our latent potentials and talent have made Nigerians eligible for prominent roles in international affairs, conferring on our citizens the leadership of respected global organizations.
“I call on Nigerians to use this anniversary as a period of sober stock-taking and resolution on our individual and collective role in this endeavour.
“We must, as a matter of survival, determine the kind of leaders and followers our nation deserves and requires to take us out of the woods.
He said our nation, at this moment of our existence, does not need to pay the price for selfish individual or group agendas.
The true interest of Nigerians is an order, founded on a strong and efficient system that will guarantee the protection of our lives and realization of our individual and collective aspirations; a nationally inclusive arrangement that will ensure justice and fairness to all citizens.
” The situation instead, calls for concerted efforts from all citizens, to secure and make all parts of our country safe, as nothing meaningful could be achieved in any part of a society bedevilled by insecurity.”
He said his administration in Sokoto State, have not jettisoned the aspirations and wishes of its citizens in all facets.
“We have thus remained committed to providing the tangible and intangible dividends of democracy.
“While we are running an inclusive government in Sokoto State, our Administration since 2015, has made measurable progress in education, health, agriculture and infrastructure, rural and human capital development.
” We are celebrating our 61st Independence in a very trying period of insecurity, during which we have lost so many of our citizens. I wish to, on behalf of the government and people in Sokoto State, pray to Allah to forgive all of our departed, grant us fortitude for this bereavement and heal those undergoing treatment for injuries or ailments in a hospital or at home.”
Tambuwal, however, commends the security agencies in the state, traditional institutions and all stakeholders, which he said all work in synergy with the government towards addressing this insecurity challenge.
He, therefore, reiterated the commitment of the Sokoto State Government to the fight against banditry and other crimes, through the provision of all possible support and assistance to both security agencies and the citizens, who are affected by the sad development.
Nigeria @61: Sokoto, Bauchi govs felicitate with Nigeria
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