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Nigeria @61: Nigeria’ll conquer insecurity if… — Group – Vanguard

.61st "In Deep End Dense"61st "In Deep End Dense"
By Gabriel Ewepu & Fortune Eromosele, Abuja
As the ‘Giant of Africa’ celebrates its 61 years of freedom from colonialism, a Movement, The People’s Alternative Political Movement, TPAP-M, Friday, has expressed optimism that Nigeria will win the war against insecurity only if the country wins fight against ravaging poverty and inequality.
This was contained in a statement signed by Comrade Omotoye Olorode and Comrade Jaye Gaskia for TPAP-M Secretariat, made available to journalists at a press briefing in Abuja, with the theme, ‘A New Nigeria is Possible’.
The statement lamented consequences occasioned by activities of bandits, Boko Haram insurgents, kidnappers, armed robbers, armed herdsmen, and pirates are traceable to a ruling class’ economic and social injustice meted out to citizens.
They noted that the masses cannot afford to be behind in decision-making process that concerns their welfare and well-being as it concerns economic and political issues.
They also added that it would only lead to mass poverty and misery, hence trigger vices, violence and victims that would disrupt development in all sectors of the economy.
However, according to the group, special attention needs to be placed on separatists and secessionists who seek to divide the nation, urging the federal government to take swift actions on them for peace and unity to reign.
The statement reads in part, “Our general position is that banditry, Insurgencies (ethnic, confessional) and separatism generally did not come from nothing. They all come as consequences of ruling class economic and social injustice; the mass poverty and mass misery, that stands side by side with an enormous wealth of the rich on the other side.
“This ever-expanding inequality, where we have people who can’t eat, living in the same society where an insignificant few ride around in private jet and build hundreds of houses around the world. It is clearly only by winning the war against poverty and inequality in Nigeria that the war against insurgency can be won! Weapons of war are important in warfare but there’s a limit to what weapons can achieve.
“And for a ruling class or any hegemony where the state is a defacto warfare State, wars never end; because warring is an industry-driven by profiteering and the quest for accumulation.
“The specific Crisis of Separatist and Secessionist Agitations while it is easy to characterise banditry and even separatist and confessional insurgency or even Ethno-nationalist insurgence as mere criminal activities, we need to pay special attention to separatist agitations and secessionist insurgencies beyond simply endorsing them as some Nigerians do or simply condemning them as others do.
“It is a most manifest indication of the grievous failure and catastrophic incompetence of Nigeria’s ruling class that 61 years after the departure of the colonial regime, separatist and secessionist agitations have become not only incessant but have also assumed greater stridency.
“Our position on ethnic separatist agitation, including secessionist demands, is that they aren’t going to serve the interests of the masses of Nigeria’s working people, nor are they capable of addressing the misery and poverty of our people. The main point of our objection is that it is unlikely that Nigeria can be broken up peacefully.
“Secondly, even if a peaceful breakup can be negotiated, very massive economic and social dislocations akin to war will occur. And thirdly, the ruling class and its various fractions have been proved by their precedents to be historical incapable of building and managing a society based on social justice and equitable access to opportunities and distribution of societal wealth.”
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