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Insecurity: Group to hold million march protest in USA – Vanguard

Nigeria IndependenceNigeria Independence
….Says FG showing no political will to crush terrorists
….Alleges millions of public funds spent to pacify criminals
…Warns ongoing genocide must stop
 By Chris Ochayi
Worried by worsening state of insecurity in the country, some concerned Nigerians in Diaspora have concluded arrangement to embark on a Million Match to protest against genocide and ethnic cleansing targeted at Christians in Nigeria.
 Operating under the aegis of Indigenous Citizens of Nigeria in Georgia, USA, the group lamented that the current administration under President Muhammadu Buhari has not shown political will to halt the continued existence and spread of terrorism in Nigeria.
The Secretary General, Indigenous Citizens of Nigeria, USA, Dr. Ngozi Orabueze, revealed in a statement obtained by Vanguard in Abuja that the peaceful march protest will hold on October 8, 2021, from 1 pm to 4pm.
According to Dr. Orabueze, “As concerned Nigerians, we are calling on all the good people of Georgia and the United States to join us in condemning the genocide and attempts at ethnic cleansing of Christians and  indigenous people of Nigeria by Islamic Extremists and Terrorists.
“We plan to conduct a peaceful March on October 8, 2021, from 1 pm to 4pm. The March will originate from Centennial Olympic Park to the Liberty Plaza and to CNN and back to Centennial Olympic.
“This rally will inform Diasporas and the international community of the role that the current administration under Muhamadu Buhari plays, in the continued existence and spread of terrorism in Nigeria.
 “Since the inception of the Buhari Administration in 2015, the indigenous people in the South-East, South-West, South-South and the Middle-Belt of Nigeria have suffered immense kidnapping, raping and uncontrolled killings by the Islamic terrorists who are mainly of Fulani extraction.
“Past government officials, retired military figures, security officials including intelligence officers, have confirmed the involvement of the current government in terrorist activities across the country.
“Actions by the Buhari administration have supported reports about the regime’s sponsor of terrorism as accurate. For example, a prominent Fulani cleric, Sheikh Gumi, acts as the middleman between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the terrorists (who they call Bandits). The Sheikh has gone more than once to meet with bandits to negotiate for the government.
 “Aside from negotiating with millions of public funds, the Buhari administration pardoned captured terrorists after the bandits have engaged in gunfights and slayings of several military staff.
“The bandits, who are branded as “repentant”, are integrated into the Nigeria military as full- fledged soldiers by the current administration.
“In addition to terrorism and insecurity, Nigeria has failed to provide basic amenities to citizens. In the last sixty years, unemployment, corruption, mismanagement, and open kleptomania from the public purse have become the norm.
“Access to education and free healthcare are non-existent, the availability of consistent power supply has become an illusion, pipe-borne water is rare, and infrastructural development is a dream.
 “Freedom of speech is a luxury. Peaceful protesters were arrested, some kidnapped by the government in foreign lands and others were killed.
The Press is frequently threatened of closure if they cover specific news or interviews those who are perceived as Buhari’s enemies.
“For these and other reasons, the union of southern and northern Nigeria has become a curse rather than a blessing.
“We are asking the international community to compel the Buhari led government to respect the rights of the ethnic nationalities to self-determination. We are asking for the conduct of independent Referendum in our land as the way forward from the current predicament.”
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