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Insecurity: Defence Intelligence boss seeks operational tactics review – The Punch

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The Chief of Defence Intelligence, Major General Samuel Adebayo, has said there is the need for a reappraisal of operational tactics and intelligence gathering among security agencies. This, he said, would enable them to effectively tackle the insecurity bedeviling the country.
He spoke on Saturday at the maiden retreat of the Defence Intelligence Agency, with the theme, ‘Contemporary threat assessment and national development: The role of DIA in the Nigerian intelligence architecture.
He said, “Considering the extant security challenges the country is facing, there is the need to put together a self examination mechanism, in line with global best practices to ensure optimal performance.
“We need significant insights on how to reposition the agencies towards a more solid pedestal to address the myriad security challenges bedeviling our dear country and to achieve sustainable national security growth.

“Also, the need for a continuous reappraisal of our strategies, operational tactics and methods of intelligence gathering to efficiently deal with our security challenges is therefore paramount.”

Adebayo said the retreat was organised to evaluate the performance of the agency.
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