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I’m not ashamed impregnating my new wife at IDP camp despite no privacy – Benue farmer – The Punch

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A 35-year-old farmer in Benue, Liamgee Tyar, ended up at an IDP camp in Markurdi in December 2020 after being displaced from his village following an attack by suspected killer Fulani herdsmen. In this interview with JOHN CHARLES, Tyar narrates how he met and fell in love with a fellow IDP, Lynda, who is now pregnant with his child
What is your name and how old are you?
My name is Liamgee Tyar. I am 35 years old.
What brought you to the IDP camp here?
I came here on December 15, 2020 when Fulani herders invaded our community in Yelwata in the Guma Local Government Area of Benue State and killed people; so many of us had to run to this camp.
Did you escape into the camp alone or along with your people?
I came here with my two wives and children.

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Where are your two wives and children now?
They have gone back to the village.
That means there is relative peace in your village now; why didn’t you go back with them?
There is no peace there yet but they (my family) went back to farm. I have a farm with some crops in the village, so my people went for harvesting and cultivating the crops.
As the man of the house, why didn’t you go with your family?
I am with my new wife here who is pregnant.
You new wife? Do you have a third wife?

Yes, her name is Lynda, we met here and fell in love and she’s pregnant for me.
My father married my first wife for me when I was much younger. Then I later married a second wife. The first wife gave me four children while the second wife has yet to give me a child. Lynda, that I married here, is my third wife.
How did you meet Lynda?
I met her at the IDP camp (Tse Yandev) here and fell in love with her. I approached her and she agreed to marry me, though, we have yet to formalise the marriage because I don’t have the resources for now but the people in the camp, including the camp chairman, are aware of our union and they gave us a place, partially secluded away from the shanties, to stay in.
Already Lynda is pregnant, do you have such privacy?
We share the shelter (kiosk) with other people but at least, the place is not that open and this gives us a little comfort as a couple to copulate. But to be sincere, it’s not so comfortable and that is why we don’t do it (copulate) every night. But then again, why should I be ashamed of mating with my wife? It is God who ordained it and with her being pregnant, for me, we are already married.
How do you manage to take care of yourself and your new wife in this camp where you have no opportunity of working?

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We rely on people, who bring foodstuffs and other materials for us here to survive, and that is how my new wife and I have been surviving.

Being a farmer, why did you marry three wives?
It’s God that makes it possible for me to marry three wives and besides I have a large portion of land to farm; the problem is this herdsmen crisis and I am praying that peace return fully to our area. I can farm very well and with that I can easily take care of all my wives and children.

It’s love at first sight – Lynda

Tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Lynda Liamgee. I am 29 years.
How did you and Liamgee meet?
I would have said we met here at the IDP camp but actually we had met sometime in Makurdi town before we finally met here and fell in love with each other and thereafter got married.

What brought you to the IDP camp here?
It was herdsmen’s attack that drove us away from our community in the Mbagwe area of Makurdi Local Government. My husband (Liamgee) is from Yelwata in the Guma Local Government Area. Since we came here, we have no jobs.
What were you doing for a living before the herdsmen’s attack that led to your displacement?
I learnt tailoring at North Bank (a suburb of Makurdi) after I left school and I know that my husband is a farmer.
Are you concerned about your survival being married to a man who is now jobless just like you?
I will say it was love at first sight and I really love him.
Where are your parents?

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They are in Mbagwa. I lived with my parents at the back of Gyandi hotel here in Makurdi.
Has your husband done all the necessary marriage rites?
No, he has not done that but we are already living together as husband and wife.
As a pregnant woman, is this camp comfortable for you?
Not really but the leader of the camp gave us a kiosk which we share with some family.  We partioned the place with something to be able to have some privacy.
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