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ICYMI: Emir of Muri orders Fulani herdsmen to vacate forests in 30 days – P.M. News

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Emir of Muri Abbas Tafida
23rd July, 2021
The Emir of Muri Empire, Abbas Tafida, has issued a 30-day ultimatum to herdsmen in the state to vacate the forest.
The Emir’s order has caused palpable fear in some parts of Taraba State after he gave the order on Tuesday after the Eid prayers.
The Emir lamented that the herders who were received into the state, have been terrorizing residents of the state, kidnapping, killing and raping his subjects.
In his words, “Our Fulani herdsmen in the forests, you came into this state and we accepted you, why then will you be coming to towns and villages to kidnap residents, even up to the extent of raping our women?
“Because of this unending menace, every Fulani herdsman in this state has been given 30 days ultimatum to vacate the forests.
“We are tired of having sleepless nights and the hunger alone in the land is enormous and we will not allow it to continue.”
Ondo state made a similar order after establishing that criminal Fulani herdsman we’re behind the kidnappings and sometimes, killings in the state.
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