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I perceive God is raising Tinubu to tackle worsening insecurity – The Sun Nigeria – Daily Sun

Until August 2014, seven years ago, when I made the revelation nobody in the country or elsewhere knew why we had been having worsening insecurity. I was aware because I was the one who knew it was because General Abdulsalami Abubakar, the then Head of State had disregarded God’s message on what to do before he left office on May 28, 1999.
He was to have gotten the Chief Imam in Abuja and the capitals of the 36 states to each organize 41 Muslim clerics under them to fast and pray for the well – being of the country. But he ignored the message and the Heavenly Father said Nigeria will witness disasters for many years running into decades. The tragedies began late in 1999 and have been ceaseless since then and now for 22 years.
It is on record that since February 2019 I have been appealing to the Sultan of Sokoto as the Head of Muslims in the country to get God to act on the matter. But the Lord had not done so because He would not make Him act on a suggestion by me a southern Christian to a northern Muslim perform on an issue regarding in Nigeria.
Earlier in the year a man bought three copies of the book the Lord made me publish in 2004 with the title of Nigeria Set Aside by God for greatness and the untold story of June 12, 1993 presidential election. He was to keep one, find someone to pass a copy through to Asiwaju Tinubu and for the person to have one. Last month he got the person who knows Tinubu but was not sure if the man would give Tinubu a copy. Hence I decided to write on Tinubu issue three weeks ago.
This followed the impression I had watching two television programmes a few weeks ago that Chief Abiola winning the presidential poll with a Muslim running – mate in Babagana Kingibe meant that it does not matter to Nigerians again whether a person runs on a Muslim/Muslim or Christian/Christian ticket again.
The story is in Chapter 6 of the Book God made me publish in 2004 titled Nigeria Set Aside by God greatness & the untold story of June 12 annulment. Chapter 6 which started from Pages 86 – 116 is titled: Divine wonders at SDP Convention.
Chief Abiola’s Muslim/Muslim won because of the 41 – day fasting & prayer exercise by 41 Muslim spiritualists the Lord raised in Ado – Ekiti for his triumph slaughtering 2 white cows, one on the first day and the second on the last day.
Abiola chose Kinigbe after 11 SDP Governors refused to support him unless he picked him as his running – mate. Ten of the spiritualists were aged 70 – 89 years and who would not sex until they died (page 90). Fifteen were Koranic students who would not have sex during the 41 – day period. Any of them who could not do so were told to step aside (page 91). The other 16 were married men who would abstain from sex during the exercise only (page 91). Allah gave them the passages to read in the Qu’ran each day.
Chapter 7 on the Election & Annulment dealt with the problem of picking a running – mate. Seven Muslim clerics fasted for 7 days to make this possible (page 118). Abiola wrote letters to Bishops in the North & South to explain why he chose Kingibe (pages 120 – 122) and how he wooed Christian Association Leaders (Pages 125 – 132).
I have had to write on this for Asiwaju Tinubu to understand why Chief Abiola picked Alhaji Kingibe and the efforts he made to have Christians to vote for him. He should get his Chief Press Secretary to reach out to me to have a copy of my 14 – Chapter Book of 428 – pages sent to him.
The Lord did not make Sultan act on my suggestion for almost two years because He was waiting for when Asiwaju Tinubu emerged as a candidate and this time his wife is a Christian and member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. And as a Yoruba Muslim he knows that the person his spouse is serving is the same God he is worshipping.
This is not about tribalism but the reality of the political situation in our beloved fatherland. Apart from Tinubu, an extraordinary patriot I don’t see another Yoruba Muslim, northern – Muslim, Igbo Muslim or South – South Muslim who can provide 76 or more cows to stop the worsening insecurity in the country.
If apart from ending this malaise, he is the one the Lord has chosen to succeed President Buhari that means he is the best choice. And he is the one who can turn the fortunes of the country into a great one because he has the business acumen and has been involved in international trade for more than twenty years.
But he should pick a northern – Christian with business acumen as his running – mate, not a Muslim. Nigeria is more divided by tribalism and religion to go that perilous way. I wish him the best of luck in this divine task.

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Until August 2014, seven years ago, when I made the revelation nobody in the country or elsewhere…

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