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From Oluseye Ojo, Ibadan

Chairman, Steering Committee for Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS) and Treasurer of Ilana Omo Oodua, Otunba Folashade Olukoya, has said nothing and no one could stop self-determination for a sovereign Yoruba nation.
“We are already talking to the United Nations on referendum and plebiscite. The UN will do the referendum for us.
“What we are working on is not secession but self-determination. Self-determination is a right under the law. It has been approved by the UN since the time Kofi Annan was the Secretary-General about 20 years ago. Secession is about violence to carve a country out of an existing sovereign nation,” she said.
In an interview with Saturday Sun, she stated: “Those that are against self-determination for Yoruba nation are in the minority and they are elite. We are not fighting them. We have over 200 self-determination groups under Ilana Omo Oodua. The groups that are against us are not up to five.”
But the Yoruba Council of Elders (YCE) has told more than 100 groups agitating for self-determination for a sovereign Yoruba nation, under the leadership of Ilana Omo Oodua that the idea is not realistic for now, based on obvious reasons. Besides, the council also told the South West governors that if they subscribed to cattle ranching in their respective states, the ranches must be established for indigenes of their respective states, and not foreigners from any part of the country, or outside the country.
In an interview with SATURDAY SUN, Secretary-General of the council, Dr. Kunle Olajide, said the YCE is not on the same page with the Ilana Omo Oodua, under the leadership of an emeritus Professor of History, Banji Akintoye, for a sovereign Yoruba nation.
His words: “We are not on the same page with the Ilana Omo Oodua for Yoruba to become a sovereign nation for a number of obvious reasons. What we believe in is that Nigeria has been in existence for well over 100 years. Before the advent of the colonialists, there had been inter-ethnic trades among different parts of this country before amalgamation. So, that is quite a time. There have been intermarriages. Yoruba have settled in the North, East, Middle Belt, and South South Regions, just as Northerners have also settled in Yorubaland and all over Nigeria.
“So, as far as we are concerned, the self-determination to form a sovereign nation is not what is likely to solve our problems now. Any disintegration of this country now, is not likely to benefit any part of Nigeria. There will be complete dislocation of human lives. How do you tell someone that has been in the North for over 60 years suddenly to come down to the Yoruba nation? Are you going to give him money for transportation? Are you providing houses for him in the South West? Are you giving him a job here? Are you going to give him capital?
“So, anybody who is commanding all the Yoruba in every part of Nigeria to come home and so on is not realistic. But it is a call borne out of frustration, and perhaps justifiable anger.
On ranching for cows in the South West, especially as it has been introduced in Ekiti and Ondo States, Olajide said: “Well, our position in the Yoruba Council of Elders is that, yes the states can decide to create ranches in their states for indigenes of the respective states to do ranching in their respective states. Then, anybody that wants to deal with us will be dealing directly with the indigenes of the various vocations.
“I have said it earlier that our position is that the traditional rulers and the stakeholders, the elites of the respective local governments, where these ranches will be established must be involved in the conception and execution of the projects. The ranches are not to be built for foreigners, from whatever part of the country or probably outside the country. They are to be built for indigenes of those respective areas. That is our position on ranching.”

The obvious reasons according to Dr Kunle Olajide were not only applicable to South Western part of Nigeria but the entire Africa, the fact and figures adduced were historically obvious chronological events and what really bonded Africans together as one family while these continually maintain the obvious realities which was undeniable that no matters the colonial boundaries which geographically created questionable barriers the long time era and its exodus of many ethnics groups in precolonial era, colonial era and post colonial era still economically and socially unfolded that Africans are ONE Family not really by colour of the skin but by long suffering together as people.
The agitation for Oduduwa Republic was another reality that democracy had failed while the failure of the so called agitators to reason with Dr Olajide and their desperation on futility confirmed that Nigerian political culture remained the major obstacles of Democratic system of government not democracy itself of which all the agitators in all the names, Oduduwa, Biafra etc should first tell the whole world, Why does their ethno religion and regional sentiment in producing Democratic leadership always failed them? The political parties ideology and its undemocratic culture on matters of selection of leadership at party levels which religious and tribal interest always prevailed over achieving a selfless and patriotic leaders on party platform also questioned the integrity of the agitators why their interest failed in the government the produced by their hands? The curiosity of President must come from my tribe, must be of my region and must be of my religion which eventually produced President Muhammadu Buhari from the north-FulaniMuslim, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo from south west Yoruba- Christian so Is there democratic justification for agitation on futility? Why much ado about futility when already your interest had been fully achieved politically in governance? Before any groups will agitated for republic in any name they are obliged to reflected on their attitudes when general election comes around and vividly realized the political atmosphere of Nigeria when ever election comes around these will tell truthful peoples that What We sow is What we rip in governance so would agitation for republic change the selfish mindset of people on matters of leadership?
This is 21st century world of Multipolar international order in which this territory natives of Disintegrated Republics exist under Southern Countries Union, within Southern Defence Force, Southern Countries Union international market, 21st century world of Multipolar international order in which Africa exist under Southern Countries Union, within Southern Defence Force, Southern Countries Union international market.
20th century world unilateral international order of Anglo-America is dead. Anglo-America UN is dead. Anglo-America world power has fallen and gone forever. America, Britain, France, Anglo-America UN, EU has no legitimacy, has no place on African Soil in this 21st century world of Multipolar international order.
Southern Countries Union which comprises Asia, Africa, South America and parts of Europe led by Russia representing Europe, China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Iran representing Asia, Brazil, Mexico representing South America, Egypt, South Africa representing Africa is about 80% international market of 21st century world within which this territory natives of Disintegrated Republics exist. In other words, this territory natives of Disintegrated Republics do not need relations with America, Britain, France, Anglo-America UN, EU to exist in this 21st century world of Multipolar international order with Multipolar international market. It is either America, Britain, France EU countries respect our liberation as this territory natives from the bondage of fulani caliphate called Nigeria in which the six geopolitical zones are sovereign states or to hell with them.
Natives of the six geopolitical zones must establish interim governments now under their sovereign states and establish diplomatic relations with countries of Southern Countries Union, establish diplomatic relations with countries of EU etc. which respect our liberation as this territory natives from the bondage of fulani caliphate called Nigeria in which the six geopolitical zones are sovereign states.
Referendum is democratic instrument with which a know democratic decision of majority. Without question, majority of Yoruba people stand for Oduduwa Republic of south west within Disintegrated Republics of this territory natives, without question, majority of this territory natives stand for liberation from the bondage of fulani caliphate called Nigeria in which the six geopolitical zones are sovereign states. Another referendum is irrelevant, not needed.
What is needed now is establishment of interim governments of the six sovereign states with military, police etc. to defend territorial borders of the six sovereign states, establish diplomatic relations, fix the lands, economies.
The way defeated British bandits find their way back to Britain in 1960, so also must defeated fulani criminals find their way back to Guinea- dead or alive in this 2021. Only the Sword decides.
Ranching is not the issue here.
The problem here is about the presence of the barbaric,bellicose and
murderous alien Nilotic Troglodytes,the Neo-Colonialist Fulanis of the
Caliphate of Sokoto,who are hell-bent on Fulanizing and Islamizing our
Kwa/Bantu fatherland and on making Nigeria their Uthaman Dan Fodio
They indeed go about that through incipient genocide of daily pogroms,
and ethnic cleansings of native Nigerians from their ancestral lands.
Those noble sons and daughters of Oduduwa agitating for Self-
determination of the South West are indeed not calling for a secession
of the South West from Nigeria.
They are explicitly calling for 100% Fiscal Federalism and for a devolution
of power to their South West ,just like it was agreed upon by our founding
fathers prior to our Independence from Great Britain.
Currently under President Buhari,Nigeria is indeed a de facto Fulani
Islamic Republic or rather, an Uthman Dan Fodio Estate of the alien
Besides,since after our Amalgamation of 1914, the Fulani muslims have
consistently and continuously been washing our soil,forests,mountains,
rivers and streams with the innocent blood of our Indigenous Kwa/Bantu people.
Their Jihadist Killer Squads; the Boko Haram,ISWAP , Fulani Killer
Herdsmen,bandits and kidnappers are daily killing innocent Nigerians.
If the power-that-be, our Neo-colonialist Fulani Overlords, do refuse to
have the country restructured, then the ultima ratio is for us to go
for the late Major Gideon Orkar’s option because we can no longer cohabit
in harmony with those barbarici, bellicose and murderous Fulani cattle
Our ancestors survived slavery.
Our grand parents and parents endured British Colonilalism.
Why must our children and posterity be silly vassals like us today and live
in a perpetual fear of being killed by the alien Fulani muslim Jihadists like
us today?
Enough is enough ojare!
No to the status quo ante bellum!!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!!
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