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Group dissociates Benin Kingdom from separatist groups, wants Nigeria renegotiated – Daily Sun

From‎ Tony Osauzo, Benin
A group, United Kingdom of Great Benin (UKGB), has dissociated the Benin Kingdom from ‎a separatist group which goes by the name Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Aliance for Self-Determination (NINAS).
The UKGB in a press statement signed by‎ its Coordinator General,‎ Prince Jessy Osemwegie Isibor, and made available to journalists in Benin City at the weekend, said the Benin Kingdom is neither part of Oduduwa Republic nor the Biafra Republic as agitated for by the South-West and South East, respectively.
The statement explained that United Kingdom of Great Benin (UKGB), is a Benin indigenous freedom movement advocating for the unification, restoration and development of the ancient Great Benin Kingdom.
“All historical evidence shows that before the invasion of the Benin Kingdom by the British in the year 1897, the Great Benin kingdom was in full control of its resources and administrative affairs and
without any undue interference from any other.
“The Benin Kingdom is not part of the conflicting maps of different regions in Nigeria calling for the breakup
of the failed and expired Nigerian State.
“The Benin man is not a Yoruba, Hausa or lgbo man. Nonetheless,the British amalgamation of the Southern and Northern protectorates in 1914 brought us together under the geographical contraption called Nigeria. The one hundred years contraption that led to the creation of Nigeria has
now elapsed since 2014.
“Therefore, it is now up to every region and tribe in Nigeria to decide whether to
stay together or to go their separate ways. Hence, we acknowledge and respect the rights to self-determination of every teritory as entrenched by the UN in Article 1, paragraph 2 (Chapter I: “Purposes‎ and Principles”) and in Article 55 (Chapter IX: “International Economic and Social Co-operation”).
“The United Kingdom of Great Benin is ready to‎ form appropriate strategic alliance with other tertitories craving for self-determination in
“Because, no other nation
has the locus standi to either set up a system for the Benin Kingdom to follow or for other territories in Nigeria. The United Kingdom of Great Benin is ready to meet with stakeholders from proponents of self-determination in Nigeria to fix erroneous misrepresentation of maps that are being branded about across the social media space”, the statement added.
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