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FG insincere with fight against insecurity –Archbishop Martins – Daily Sun

By Lawrence Enyoghasu
Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Alfred Adewale Martins, has accused  President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration of insincerity in the fight against insecurity.
Speaking, yesterday, in Lagos at the grand finale of the 60th anniversary celebration of the Knight of Saint Mulumba, he alleged that constant  complaints and dissatisfaction by the military and inadequate arms supply were proofs  of insincerity of government to end the war.
“Insecurity is the major problem we have in Nigeria today; even the church is not safe. The government is supposed to have access to experts who will bring in their expertise to solve the problem, but that is not so. When you hear the kind of complains and dissatisfaction from the military, you will know that there is inadequate sincerity. There is inadequate arms supply to the security.”
Martin, who was also celebrating his 38th priestly ordination accused Nigerian politicians of lacking in principles, non-commitment to service to humanity and going in search of personal gain. He cited the case of former aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode who recently joined the All Progressive Congress (APC) after years of criticising President Buhari as an example of inconsistency among the political class.
“One of the things about Nigerian politicians is inconsistency in goals and principles. When Femi Fani-Kayode was criticising Buhari it was not based on principles or he would not joined or switched to APC. It is not surprising that we are where we are because we have people like him who are inconsistent.”
Lagos Metropolitan Grand Knight for KSM, William Adebisi, tasked government to take the matter of security serious.

Nigeria socioeconomic, political and general insecurities of lives and properties and its barbaric regional, tribal and religious dimensions threatening the Constitutional Motto of Nigeria ( Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress) are together cleared manifestation that all institutions that formed a society had failed The Schools, The Religious, The Family and Africans cultural values.
The current Physical, Psychological, economical and emotional insecurities were obviously the failure of the Holy Scriptures, The Holy Bible and The Holy Qur’an to changed people from evil ways to good ways Why? So is Nigeria truly a religious society?. For Archbishop of Lagos to says government should brings experts as solutions was Theologically wrong because the divine laws and its teaching, preaching and evangelism on TV, Radio, Tabloid and sociomedia failed to redeemed people from evil ways to good ways of which Nigeria remained the only country with uncountable places of worships still the society was sicked therefore involving experts can never be a theological solutions but until everybody repented from unholy way of lives that is Why the Scriptures admonished repentance.
The most embarrassing situations of the country and its barbaric political culture required total RESTRUCTURED OF POLITICAL MENTALITY because the so called Jobless Politicians recycling themselves as well defecting from one political party to another never ready to repent from looting public funds so would Bandits, Kidnapers and Terrorist repented too so Who is fooling Who on matters of insecurities? If political leadership at all levels failed to repented from their leadership style that opened doors for all forms of corruption there will never be a solutions to insecurities in Nigeria
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