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Before now, the Federal Government had demanded for 10,000 hectares of land from each state of the federation for the establishment of cattle colonies, but many states kicked against it. Thereafter, the same government turned round to ask for 5,000 hectares of land from each state for the same purpose.
It is unfortunate that 22 states governors have so far agreed to give their lands for the establishment of ranches for the Fulani herdsmen, not knowing the idea is the same, but the name has been changed to confuse people and make them accept and give their lands out to the herdsmen.
Can the same Federal Government convince Fulani-owned states to equally give their land to people from the states that are ready to donate their land for the ranches, to set up their businesses and claim the places as theirs forever? Those states that are giving their lands for the establishment of ranches should know that the idea of building ranches for the herdsmen is synonymous with that of establishment of Ruga and Cattle Colony, and the whole thing is centred on ensuring Fulani get land in all the states in order to actualise their goal of spreading their religion all over to islamized the country.
My investigation has shown that 5,000 hectares of land the Federal Government lastly asked each state of the federation to donate for the establishment of Ruga is equivalent to an entire local government area in most of the states, and it may interest you to know that some LGAs occupy less than 5,000 hectares as their total territory. Go to states like Kogi, Enugu, Ekiti, Ogun and Taraba to understand more.
Therefore, now that the Federal Government has succeeded in convincing 22 states, including Benue State, to give their land for ranches, how many hectares are needed or can be enough?
Clearly, this thing is more of an evil plan to capture the entire nation and its citizens for a certain ethnic group in order to install her members as leaders and make the rest their slaves.
Those governors that have agreed to donate their lands for the establishment of the so-called ranches should know that they are endangering the lives of their people and it is not too late for them to retrieve their steps.
In summary, Fulani herdsmen and President Buhari should know that we know the whole truth about the idea of establishing ranches
since the similar thing cannot be done in Fulani-owned states for other ethnic groups. They should also know or be reminded that Jihad was fought when people were not civilized and the aim of Jihad was not achieved because there was a strong resistance from the people.
However, people are now civilized and if the same war can be reintroduced, the resistance will be stronger than ever.
I am aware that the Fulani herdsmen, who have been moving from one state to another, killing people and taking over their farms for their cattle to graze on, have easy access through phone calls to the security chiefs in the country.
That is why anytime there is a problem between the herdsmen and the people, one of them will quickly call either a commissioner of police in the state where they are or the IGP and so on. In less than 10 minutes, soldiers or police will arrive and the people will be happy that the arrival of the security men is to arrest the herdsmen for what they did. Unfortunately, the mission of the security men that came to the place is to protect the herdsmen from being harmed. This is the truth!
The plan by the Buhari›s led government to islamized the country is now obvious and it is left for the people to allow him succeed.
• Awunah Pius Terwase writes from Zuru, Kebbi State

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Before now, the Federal Government had demanded for 10,000 hectares of land from each state of the…

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