Category: Fulani Herdsmen Terrorism and Genocide

The Fulani Herdsmen have teamed up with various terrorist groups, Boko Haram, ISIS, ISWAP, Alqeeda to carry out both a Jihad and an Invasion.  This has been made possible using the illegitimate 1999 Constitution which the minority Fulani have used to hijack the people’s sovereignty and steal all their assets.

The 1963 Constitution, which was made by the people, allowed for self-governance and autonomy with a small central government to which each of the 4 Regions contributed 15%.

In 1966, there was a military coup which the minority Fulani hijacked and used to change the 1963 Constitution after eliminating the Regions and centralizing MOST resources and assets to a FEDERAL Government.  This was done without Referendum or Plebiscites making it a fraud as the preamble is false.

To date over 105,000 have been killed; 3 to 4 million have been displaced from their homes and farms (destroyed by the herdsmen), over 300,000 have fled as refugees and countless farmers, mainly Christian, have lost their farms or afraid to continue to farm.