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Ayade preaches unity as solution to nation's problems – Guardian

[FILES] Ben Ayade. Photo/facebook/SirAyade/

The Cross River State Governor, Ben Ayade, called on Nigerians to seek peace and unity as solution to the insecurity in the country.
[FILES] Ben Ayade. Photo/facebook/SirAyade/
In his speech at the UJ Esuene Stadium Calabar, Ayade, who was represented by the Deputy Governor, Prof. Ivara Esu, said the unity of the country should take precedence over any other interest, noting that like human beings, no nation in the history of man has ever fulfilled its destiny without sweating for it.
“Let us, therefore, continue to bond together so that we can boldly confront the future with a renewed confidence and determination.
“Conscious of the fact that no nation has ever berthed on a roller coaster or fulfilled its destiny without sweat, we cannot, therefore, as a country, afford to take our eyes off the ball.
“Accordingly, today’s anniversary marks another turning point as we continue to soldier on with audacity of hope, a refreshing optimism and the spirit of enterprise.
“There is no doubt that our today is steadily finding perfect harmony with our great expectations as a people.”
Given our industrialization feat in the last six years, our future will find fulfilment from our great energy and determination to berth a better tomorrow for our beloved people of Cross River State.
“As an administration, we came with a clear focus to reconstruct the economy of our state and six years on, and in keeping with that vision and mission, we have been able to create a new and sound economy firmly anchored on industrialization, with a huge potential to create jobs and lift our people out of deprivations.
“I enjoin us all to render our solemn supplications to God for His grace and enablement to overcome the challenges of today and actualize our dreams of tomorrow for the attainment of true independence,” he appealed.
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