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APC founding member in Benue joins PDP with supporters – Vanguard

By Peter Duru, Makurdi
A founding member of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and one of the pillars of the party in Benue state, Architect Joe Kyaagba has declared his intention to dump the party with his numerous supporters for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.
Mr. Kyaagba who made his intension known Thursday in Makurdi said he would formally join the PDP next Monday stressing that he was leaving the party he contributed so much to build because the APC led federal government had reneged on its promises to Nigerians and unleashed poverty and hardship on the people due to its bad policies and also failed to check the worsening insecurity in the country.
He also cited the activities of armed herdsmen in Benue state and the wanton destruction of lives and property of the people without commensurate action on the party of the federal government to check the menace, as reason for his action.
He said, “APC in 2015 had promised to improve on the economy and not just being theoretical about the economy. The APC also promised to be people oriented.
“Other promises that were made, like the issue of insecurity in the North East that was to be taken care of, it has now permeated into virtually every part of the North. The situation has become worst at the moment. Nearly the entire country is challenged by acts of terrorism that we never ever anticipated, in spite of the huge amount committed to the fight.
“From the economic perspective, when the APC took over, the value of the Naira was about N180 and now we are talking of an exchange rate of close to N600 to the Dollar. It has never been this bad.
“Coming back to Benue state, never have my people been so traumatized by this level of external attacks by terrorists and in particular, the Fulani herdsmen.
“Therefore it is totally unacceptable to me that these attacks continued and many of them have been hunted down despite the fact that there have been one or two of such attacks that the Miyetti Allah have claimed responsibility and the federal government refused to arrest their known leaders.
“Our course our Governor has always cried out about these attacks and I cannot therefore sit down as a statesman in Benue state and pretend not to know what is happening to my people and refuse to come back, by moving to the PDP, to join forces with the people in order to take care of the existential threats that seeks to undermine us in Benue state.”



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