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Alaigbo Dev’t Foundation hails demand for dissolution of 1999 constitution – By Gloria Uchenna

Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF), has thrown its weight behind the 90-day notice issued by eminent leaders of Middle Belt, South-West, South-East and South-South indigenous ethnic nationalities to the Federal Government for the dissolution of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution,

In a statement jointly signed by its President and  Chairman, Media & Publicity Bureau, Prof. T. Uzodinma Nwala, and Chief Abia Onyike, respectively, ADF urged leaders of the ethnic nationalities to fix June 12, 2021, as date for the conduct of plebiscite for adoption of regional constitutions by the constituent indigenous ethnic nationalities.   

SummitNews recalls that leaders of these ethnic nationalities who met in Lagos on December 20, 2020, under the aegis of Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination, alleged that the 1999 constitution was skewed in favour of the North.

The group also petitioned the UN Security Council, African Union, European Union, the US and British governments on the need to  urgently convoke a sovereign national conference to “discuss the constitutionality of the 1999 constitution of Nigeria, and the 1914  amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria within 90 days to save the people from oppression, stagnation and squalor.”

ADF expressed its appreciation for what it described as a “landmark decision of the indigenous nationality leaders

to “confront the existential threat hoisted on the constituent nationalities that make up the artificial Federal Republic of Nigeria squarely.”

The statement read in part:   “the journey these leaders have elected to embark on is noble, exemplary, and demands boldness, unwavering courage and dogged determination, perseverance and self-sacrifice. They have launched into a voyage exclusively reserved for men of courage and dedication.

 “The problem of Nigeria is foundational in nature, which can only be resolved by addressing bravely the great foundational deficiencies, which is the extremely flawed 1999 constitution and subsequent un-constitutionalities from which Nigerian Governments and leaders derive their power and authority.

“This 1999 Constitution, for example, started with a criminally intentioned falsehood in the preamble, “WE THE PEOPLE………” when the people never met or were never consulted to give approval to the Fulani Drafted and imposed military decree, via a referendum or plebiscite. This is true of the series of dictatorial constitutional acts enacted by Northern military regimes and imposed on the people.”

“ The ‘Sharia Northern States were the first to repudiate and discard the 1999 Constitution, through the adoption and implementation of Sharia Law as state Law in fragrant violation of the so-called Federal Constitution. This, they have done to the detriment and agony of non-Muslims in the North East and North West  Zones, and shear contempt of the secularity provisions of the constitution.

“The leadership of the National Assembly recently admitted that the National Assembly lacks power to review the Constitution and can only do marginal amendments to the existing Constitution. Therefore they claim that they cannot give Nigeria a new Constitution.  

“Thus, the burden of producing new peoples’ Constitution lies with the Conference of Ethnic nationalities constituted solely for that purpose, whose decision must be subjected to a plebiscite to give it full legal effect.

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