What is NINAS?

Prof. Akintoye, Co-Chairman, NINAS
Tony Nnadi, Secretary General, NINAS

To fully understand NINAS, we need to first talk about the Movement for No Nigeria (MNN), which is an Alliance comprising of Middle Belt Forum (MBF), Ilana Omo Oodua (IOO – the Yoruba), and Lower Niger Congress (LNC). Although each group work separately in their Blocs, they come together as the MNN Alliance. It is this MNN Alliance that is the custodian of our strategy, the pathway for us to achieve self-determination and independence, that is: FREEDOM!

NINAS stands for the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination and is the multi-ethnic alliance of the indigenous peoples of the Middle Belt (part of the former Northern Region), Ilana Omo Oodua (the former Western Region) and the Lower Niger (Former Eastern & Mid-Western Regions).

A simple working knowledge for MNN and NINAS can be put this way:

    MNN is the Alliance of the three PLATFORMS (MBF, IOO and LNC) that are the keepers/custodians of the self-determination Strategy.

    NINAS is the Alliance of the indigenous PEOPLES of Middle Belt, Oodua and Lower Niger Blocs seeking self-determination for each ethnic nationality.

Lower Niger Congress – Lower Niger Congress



To promote and foster self-determination of the indigenous peoples of the target area, in particular and among ethnic nationalities which inhabit other parts of the colonial creation that metamorphosed to become the Nigerian state of today.

What We Do

From 1999, the MNN Alliance identified the Mechanisms that keep us enslaved, the Imposed 1999 Constitution being chief amongst the Mechanisms and the Alliance’s Strategy is a non-violent, internationally acceptable means to remove those Mechanisms. It includes Self-determination for each of the indigenous ethnic nationalities in our Alliance Territory, thus NINAS (as explained above).

Self-determination for each of the indigenous ethnic nationalities in our MNN Alliance is the way to our independence, and will empower us to provide properly for ourselves, and to give our children the good and safe lives we desire for them.

MNN-NINAS is a firm and active commitment to creating and maintaining friendships, alliances and productive unity among all the indigenous people of our Alliance Territory, both at home and abroad.

Alliance Territory Map


    Decommission / Jettison the illegitimate 1999 Constitution #End1999Constitution which is the mechanism used by the minority to create a situation worse than Apartheid South Africa through the Constitutional Force Majeure process #NigeriaForceMajeure.

    Work with the current government to start the transition process while the ethnic nationalities are exercising their rights to self-determination via the Referendum process #NigeriaReferendum.

    Take the ethnic nationalities through the Referendum #NigeriaReferendum process to determine what form of state and governance that they want.

    Transition to the new states and governance structures chosen by the People.

High Level History of Nigeria Situation

Nigeria became independent in 1960 and 3 regions were created Eastern, Northern & Western.  The three regions were self-governing and operated autonomously with a small federal center.  In 1963, the Mid Western Region was added bringing the number of regions to four.  Nigeria was called the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Each region contributed to the center but were governed independently.  A Constitution was put in place in 1963.

Ahmadu Bello speech after Nigeria gained her independence from British Colonial rule highlighting the self-governing and autonomous agreement reached by the 3 regions.

Nigeria 1963 to 1967

A military coup occurred in 1966 that changed the governance structure of the young country.  It went from the federalism concept to a UNITARY form of governance with the establishment of a Federal Government.  This took away the autonomy and self-governance of the regions that was agreed to as a condition of coming under one country, Nigeria. The name of the country  was Republic of Nigeria as the Federal system was forcibly stopped by the military.  The form of government was what is known as the military junta.

The country was divided into 12 States by the Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon.  The parliamentary system was abolished and the Constitution set aside.

Map of Nigeria 1967-1976

The Biafrans from the newly formed East Central State, part of the old Eastern Region, objected to the new form of government.  The State held discussions with the new military government and reached an agreement at Aburi.  This agreement was not honored, by the military government.  This led to the Biafran war that saw over 3 million Biafrans killed by the Nigerian forces and their international allies between 1967 and 1970.

An Honest Explanation of the Nigerian Civil War | The Biafran Story – Bing video

The Constitution was changed by the military during their tenure and in 1999 the 1979 Constitution, Military Decree 24, was adopted wholesale without Referendum or Plebiscites.

Federal to Unitary Government
False Premise of 1999 Constitution

Movement for New Nigeria (MNN) an alliance of the Lower Niger, Middle Belt & Yoruba was formed to determine the best course of action given the significant changes in the new Constitution.  This was necessary as the Constitution has HIJACKED the people’s sovereignty & SEIZED ALL ECONOMIC ASSETS. The efforts have spanned over 20 years.

NAS member stating that the 1999 Constitution is a forgery and can never bring peace.

The move to UNITARY Government and the imposition of the illegitimate 1999 Constitution has led to a minority group seizing power over the majority.  This has  created a system similar to Apartheid South Africa with gross inequities and lack of inclusiveness,  Consequently, serious existential & socio-economic challenges have arisen including:

1. Nigeria is #3 on the Global Terrorist Index & Christians and non-muslim indigenes facing an EXISTENTIAL THREAT via GENOCIDE & ethnic cleansing being carried out by Fulani Herdsmen (land grab) & their terrorist partners, ISIS, BOKO HARAM, etc. (Jihadist/Resource Grab).

2. Nigeria is the POVERTY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD WITH over 40% (> 82 million) of the citizens living under abject poverty.

3. Lack of and poor infrastructure including electricity, roads, healthcare, and other basic human needs.

4. Injustice, police and Nigerian Security Forces brutality.

5. Gross unemployment especially of the young people.

6. Large scale corruption and lack of accountability.

PETITION: Demand Referendum to Restore Nigerian Ethnic Nationalities Freedom & Right to Determine How They Are Governed

Demand Referendum. Sign Petition! – Nigeria Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination (NINAS) (ninasffn.org)

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